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convert pdf to flipbook

Our free pdf to flipbook converter will generate a URL that can be embedded on any website, including a Wix website or even even Wix dynamic pages.  Flipbooks are popular for creating interactive online books, catalogs, magazines, brochures and reports.  The flipbook page turns gives the illusion of page movement as if the user was reading a real printed publication.

"The PDF file can be created and hosted anywhere.  All you need is the PDF link to begin converting your document into a flipbook."


" I want to display an interactive PDF flipbook on my Wix website that is desktop and mobile friendly.  I want my document to look like real pages that can flip left or right.  How can this be achieved? "


There are several Flip Book apps available via the Wix app marketplace.  You can even find more results on Google if you search for interactive Flipbooks that can possibly be embedded on Wix via script code.  It is good to research about the limitations and pricing before making a final decision on which flipbook app to use on your website.

Our Simple Flipbook conversion app allows you to use a PDF hosted link to create your animated flipbook.  For example you can upload a PDF file into your Wix account and copy the PDF link that Wix provides.  This way you remain in control of your PDF file without worrying about hosting it elsewhere.  Some file hosting platforms may not work with PDF converters due to their own restrictions, file settings, file size, limitations or other account permissions.  Google Drive and DropBox links do not work for these reasons.  A good rule of thumb to use when hosting your PDF somewhere, make sure the sharable URL ends in .pdf like the example below.  We have hosted a test PDF file within our Wix media manager on our Wix account.  Here is the actual link to our test PDF:


After you have created your PDF and uploaded it to your Wix media manager or elsewhere, copy the PDF URL to begin converting your PDF into a simple flipbook using the converter below.


Use our free converter below.  Here is what you need to know:

  • Simple Flipbook is FREE

  • No Code Queen Branding

  • Compatible with Wix Blog

  • Compatible on Wix sites, Webflow, Wordpress, SiteJet, SwipePages

  • Compatible on other platforms that allow HTML embedding

Your Simple Flipbook URL will appear here after the conversion is finished.


Code Queen is available for hire if you need private help, project planning, troubleshooting, design or coding work completed.

If you prefer free help from the Velo community please consider joining the free Velo Totally Codable Forum or the Totally Codable Facebook group.

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