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create a PDF file on Wix

Using the Crove App API we will convert form results into a PDF.  We will also trigger a native Wix email  notification and a Crove App email notification to compare the delivery results.

The question . . .

" How can I auto generate a PDF based on details I collect via a Velo form? Is it possible to create a PDF file that can be viewed after submission or after signing? "

Let's analyze . . .

There are many reasons why a PDF would need to be auto generated from your website.  Some of those reasons include:

  • Creating a PDF Certificate after completing certain courses or tasks on your site
    Creating a custom automated quote
    Creating a PDF copy of form signed on your site 

1 Creative solution . . .

Let's use Crove App API to generate a PDF.  For this example, we will pretend we are generating a certificate with a name, date and signature. Fill out the variables below and click the button to test out the PDF generator.  You will be redirected to a PDF file online that is available for download.

generate PDF

BLAB - Wix Instant Generator . . . 

Step 1

If you don't already have an account, click on the link above to create a free account.  Book Like a Boss offers 14 day free trial.  The smallest paid package they offer is only $9 USD a month if you pay monthly.  (Yes --- a very great deal.)  Or it is $7.50 a month if you pay yearly!

Step 2

Go to 'Booking Pages' Tab

Make sure you have already created the Product or Service you would like to embed.  If you are just creating your new Book Like a Boss then please add at least one product or service under the "Product & Services" tab.  If you need help creating your first product or service, visit their Blog and select from one of their video tutorials.  Once you confirm you already have an existing Product or Service, move on to the next step!

Step 3

Go to 'Other Settings' Tab

copy code.PNG
embed blab.PNG

Click on "Embeds"  to create a new embed or find one that you have already created.  Don't let their message scare you!  Their script code prevents anyone from embedding more than one calendar on a page, but our BLAB WIG method does not!  Add as MANY as you want!  After you create your new embed code, copy it all and go to step number 4 !

Step 4

Convert your Script Code here

Now enter your Script code below to convert it to a URL to use on any Wix site via an iFrame element.  As soon as you hit the convert button it will copy your new URL to your clipboard so you can paste it in your iFrame!  Still need help?  Use one of our calendars on this page to setup a session or visit our booking page here.

convert now & copy to clipboard

Success!  Your new URL is now copied to your clipboard! Now go paste it in an iFrame to begin embedding your BLAB calendar!

Converting, please wait . . . 

need creative help with your projects or this tutorial?

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