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donation form example

Donation forms are most popular on non-profit websites.  They are also the most expensive type of form to purchase because out-of-the-box apps usually charge high fees on top of what the credit card processor charges!  Here is a an example of a simple donation form built with Wix Pay API (aka a Wix checkout window).

" Every penny helps a non profit make a difference in the community.  This simple form can help someone reach their goal."

The question . . .

" I am trying to create a simple donation form that gives a person the choice to give a fixed amount or enter their own amount. How can I do this? "

Let's analyze . . .

A donation form can be as simple as taking one-time payment or as sophisticated as having recurring payments or fancy design layouts.  The shorter the form and the simpler the design, then the shorter the code will be.  Ever since Wix released the Wix Pay API we have been able to roll out hundreds of simple payment forms for many Wix websites.  Our donation form is made up of 1 dropdown element, 1 text input element and 1 button to trigger the Wix checkout window to open.  We decided to give our users the option to either select a pre-set amount to donate or to enter their own custom amount.


The best part about using Wix Pay API to trigger the checkout window is that you don't have to manually code an external payment provider.  To connect a payment provider simply log into your Wix dashboard under 'Accept Payments' and setup your preferred payment provider.

Test our donation form:

Make sure NOT to submit a payment because this is a live form!

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