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Join the most trusted Velo Community built  by the Velo Expert that is most followed on the official Velo Forum by Wix.  Code Queen is a Certified Wix Webmaster and has created the easiest Velo  Code Tutorials found on the web with easy and creative Velo Code Examples.

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what was Wix thinking ?

So would this not have been a better route to take the first time around instead of launching the "You Deserve Better" video campaign against WordPress (out of left field) ?  Maybe the letter wouldn't have reached as many eyes as the video campaign did.  But now .... many Wix Experts, the professionals that build Wix websites for a living, are unamused at the low blow Wix decided to take.  The video's lacked the finesse the CEO displayed when he wrote his letter.

I cannot support or encourage the spread of this negative energy and negative form of rebuttal.  So Wix, I kindly decline your offer to sponsor my tutorial videos because I also do not agree to refrain from releasing content about other platform competitors for the next year.  I understand if you do not like my response.  I am sure you will find others who are quick to accept your offer.  Make good choices.

What was Wix thinking?  Have you heard about the WordPress campaign that Wix has called "You Deserve Better".  It made many Wix Experts uncomfortable to see a "humorous video" about all the WP shortcomings in such a deliberate way.  It is no secret WP and other platforms bash Wix and have been ever since Wix was created, but for Wix to launch such a 'grand campaign' like this came off as unprofessional and something you would expect a political candidate to do during campaigning season.

Yes, Avishai Abrahami, the Wix CEO, wrote a letter to Matt Mullenweg in response to WordPress reaction --- and I truly believe Avishai meant every word in a sincere fashion.  He made accurate and valid points about all the contradictions WordPress made about Wix. (Though it seems this is not the first time Wix and WordPress get into a tussle --- and WordPress started it 'first'.) 


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Code Queen

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