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I have accomplished 8 Wix titles through my expertise in the past 8 years. I am a Wix Ambassador for Rio Grande Valley (in McAllen Texas). I am a Wix Certified Trainer, Wix Certified Webmaster, Wix Design Expert, Wix Arena Designer, Wix Alpha Tester, Wix Beta Tester, Wix Arena Pro and Wix Code Expert.

I have been using Wix Code since it was in the Alpha stage before it was released to Beta testing. I enjoy making free YouTube Tutorials on Wix Code. I invite you to watch my videos on my channel.


My videos are also featured in the Wix Community YouTube channel.


If you are looking for private tutorials and/or help with design or Wix Code work on new or existing Wix websites, please visit my Wix

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