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13 Business Tips: Increase Revenue with Corvid Services

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Offer Corvid Services

You can start earning revenue by offering Corvid services to new or existing clients that you or your agency has.  Add extra value to your current services by creating solutions that solve your clients problems or necessities.  


Good to Know #1

Product Knowledge

Product knowledge ensures effective communication between you and the client to build trust and confidence.  Begin by understanding what Corvid has to offer in order to help you analyze the overall picture and answer these questions:

  • Can this be created using Corvid ?

  • Can this be created on Wix without using Code?

  • Is this beyond my Corvid skills?

  • How long will this take to complete?

These answers help you quote the project properly and may even help you decide if a collaboration with another expert would be the most efficient way to complete the project. You can find out about Corvid ’s capabilities by reading Wix’s articles, guides, blogs, watching YouTube videos or by asking other Experts that are currently offering Corvid services.


Good to Know #2

Stay Informed

It is imperative to stay up to date with the latest Corvid news, updates and features.  This will give you a competitive edge amongst other Wix Experts.  The more time you invest in staying informed, the better you will be able to identify opportunities for growth.  Here are some great ways to stay informed:

One of my favorite ways to stay informed (and to keep people informed) is to mentor.  Finding a mentor that specializes in Corvid topics and trends can be beneficial to both the mentor and mentee because you help each other stay up to date with news the other person may have missed!


Good to Know #3

Get Involved

If you already know how to create effective solutions with Corvid, but no one knows about it --- it will be very difficult to grow your business!  Education based marketing is the best investment you can make with your time by being actively involved and interacting in the community.  People will recognize you as an expert in the Corvid field and people will recommend you to others.  This will open many opportunities for you, as it will help you show off your skills in the most humble way possible. 

This does not mean join a forum or group and immediately start answering as many questions as possible for hours at a time for anyone and everyone that asks.   Not only will this exhaust you, but people will not value something as much when they get it for free ‘all the time’.  Avoid giving too much information.  Show your expertise by pointing a person in the right direction, answering questions with educated answers, citing sources or sharing articles that you have written.  

Avoid doing the work for them (for free) and giving them all the answers (for free) because they will continue to expect this every time (yes, for free).  This is the best piece of advice I can give anyone, especially if you are just getting started with offering Corvid services.


Good to Know #4

Create a Private & Public Portfolio

Sometimes simple word of mouth, personal recommendations or personal  interaction in the Community is enough for a potential client to hire you for a new project.   Other times, it helps to close the deal when you showcase a portfolio of previous work that highlights your skills and expertise.   A public portfolio is one that can be visible or hidden from public view, but can be shared with potential clients.  This can be as simple as a quick list of easy to reference examples (or screenshots), or as sophisticated as live sample websites so that a potential client can test and interact with.  While it helps to impress them with your Corvid experience, it also helps to show a potential client a similar example of what they are trying to create for themselves.   Clients are more likely to hire someone that has experience creating ‘the thing they have been wanting for their website’.Having a private portfolio, or a ‘database’ of all of your previous work can help you immensely with future potential projects.  This private portfolio can be for your eyes only or can be shared with other team members.  You will be able to:

  • Identify frequently requested projects

  • Identify where you lack examples of other types of projects

  • Go back to the same codes for reference or troubleshooting guidance

  • Create your ideal target audience(s) for new projects and marketing

  • Identify previous clients for ‘upgrades’ or ‘upselling’ opportunities


Good to Know #5

Organize your Codes & Resources

Much like your go-to portfolio, you should consider having a go-to list of codes and resources.  These resources should include things like: examples of Wix Code work found on the Corvid Forum, Wix Articles or other community created websites.  Another important resource to have handy at all times is the Wix API reference website.   This reference list will save you lots of headaches when it comes to auditing and checking your code for errors.  

By having everything organized, saved, bookmarked and cited you can save yourself a lot of time looking for your answers later.  After all --- time is money!    The less time you spend looking for answers you have already used or ‘seen’ before, the more time you can spend finishing Wix Code projects to increase your revenue.  If it is something you used once, chances are you will probably need it again --- so save it!


Good to Know #6

Time Management - Plan for Delays & Distractions

It is difficult to schedule code work during specific time frames because once you start coding --- you can’t exactly stop in the middle of your thought process.  It isn’t like designing where you can stop in the middle of a design and pick it up a few hours later right where you left off.  When coding, sometimes you have to keep going until you finish the code block you are working on since it could be difficult to come back to it again later.  

Efficiency is important.  For this reason, I recommend you schedule code tasks or projects at least a few hours apart just in case you need the extra time to wrap up your code and write down any notes to continue later if you run out of time.  If you finish early --- then you’re ahead of the game!  If you are not sure how many projects to schedule at one time, start with one or two small code projects per week until you figure out your comfort zone for scheduling.  Slowly start adding 1 project at a time in between the others.

Emails, calls and notifications are inevitable especially if you are working as a solopreneur or solo coder on a project.  They will happen --- so plan for them to happen.  Turn off notifications and remove yourself from all other potential distractions around you so that you can concentrate on your work and stay within schedule.  

Limit the times you check for missed emails, missed calls, social media account notifications,  or any other type of notification.  This will help you stay on track and on top of your schedule so that you can continue to schedule more Corvid projects to grow your business! 


Good to Know #7

Never say "It's easy . . ." to close a deal

Avoid saying things like:

  • That’s easy ...

  • That is very simple to do …

  • That can be done in no time ...

These types of phrases are almost guaranteed to keep a potential client from calling you back.  After all, if they think it’s easy --- what will they need to hire an expert for?  If you are hired, it may convince a client that they won’t be needing you for too long and that you certainly shouldn’t be paid much for it.  Furthermore, if the project turns out to be more complex than you expected, then by saying ‘it’s easy’ could hurt your credibility and cause the client to question their decision in hiring you for this or future jobs because they may think you ‘don’t know what you are doing’.There are better phrases to use that can help assure your potential client that you are perfect for the job.  Instead, use words like:

  • I have experience coding this ...

  • I have successfully coded other projects with similar goals …

  • I can expedite your project and get started on it right away ...

You will soon begin to master the art of communication to wooing your potential clients and you’ll be getting rewarded with better projects and satisfied people that will happily refer others to you in the future.


Good to Know #8

Packaging & Reselling

As a coder you will learn that not every code job is a simple “cut and paste” job, regardless of the number of times you have created that similar code.  While it is possible to create revenue from ‘code snippets’, you have to consider that adding those code snippets to other pages or websites can sometimes take longer than they did to create them.  This is because the logic, settings, page permissions, database collections or website elements may be different. 

By offering installation services in combination with your code snippets, not only can you ease the implementation for the website owner but also increase your revenue a little bit more. A few of you participated in a recent Wix Expert Round Table that explained Reusable Components by using the Wix Blocks (previously known as Wix Code App Builder) that is currently in Alpha testing.  This new product will help you package your code, logic and design into reusable components that can be quickly installed onto multiple  websites. 

By building and coding ready-to-use functions just once will help you save a lot of development time.  This app will also help cut down on changes to your reusable components as you will be able to push update notifications to all your clients at once.  After this product fully launches, it can potentially offer new ways of increasing your revenue.


Good to Know #9

Avoid Undercharging & Raise your Rates

This is one of the most difficult things to perfect in your code business.  Whether you are just starting to offer Corvid services or have already been offering these services --- you have to stay in check to make sure you are not undercharging and adjust accordingly, if you are.  The most common insecurity for someone offering a new service is the lack of confidence in their own skills, which causes them to undervalue their own work.  Perhaps they feel they are not worthy of ‘too much money’ since their skills are ‘new’.   We all have to start somewhere.  If this is you, then I recommend finding a mentor or someone with experience quoting Corvid projects to guide you on how much to charge for a potential project.  By consulting with someone experienced in quoting Corvid projects you can get a starting price point that can be adjusted accordingly.  With time, it will become easier for you to quote a project on your own.   While it may tempting to undercharge for services on purpose to offer a ‘competitive edge’ or to close a ‘quick sale’, remember this devalues both you and the entire Corvid service industry.  Meaning this can start driving prices down for everyone.   You have to remember that Corvid is a universal service, and not a physical product that is devalued based on where you or your client lives.  As the universal saying goes: You get what you pay for.  So what you thought would be helping you close deals faster, will actually be causing you to attract the wrong type of client and cause you to lose bigger paying clients, as well.  Remember that it took you long dedicated hours, months or even years to be at the level you are now.   Don’t let clients intimidate you by saying things like:  “This should only take you a few minutes to fix, because you are an expert.” As time goes on, you need to re-evaluate your worth and raise your prices when the time is right.  Some signs to look for that tell you it’s time to raise your rates are:

  • The demand for Corvid keeps increasing ...

  • There is a shortage of experienced Corvid Experts ...

  • Your business costs & expenses are increasing …

  • A demand to work with you is increasing / Waiting list gets longer ...

  • You are closing deals too fast (Client’s say yes too quickly) ...

  • Competitors charge significantly more than you ...

  • You tested charging a higher rate and you closed that sale ...

  • Your clients actually say “You are worth more” …


Good to Know #10

Ask for Help & Collaborate

When your codes and resources are not enough and you find yourself stuck  on a particular project, remember you can ask others for help.  Reaching out to another Corvid Expert to help analyze the code with you can potentially save you a lot of time and headaches.  It doesn't matter what your code level is because two brains are always better than one.  Why stop at only two? The more eyes, brains and hands you have on a project --- the faster you can complete it and move on to the next one.  Get more coders to join your project.  Collaborating will help you increase your revenue by completing more projects than you would have completed on your own. 


Good to Know #11

Provide Feedback of Product Development

The best way to improve product development for Corvid is to provide real feedback from your own personal experience.  In truth, both negative and positive feedback are extremely effective and valuable as they may be used to make important decisions.  The Corvid Forum Wishlist page to let Wix know ‘How can we make the product better’.  I believe this proves Wix cares what you think.

Participate in different Corvid Forum threads to communicate your thoughts in an informative way (while leaving emotions out of it).  Be as specific as possible when you provide feedback.  The developers need to know what you need, why you need it and how it will help others as well.  The developers can only develop the things they can think of --- and trust me, they are pretty brilliant at creating things they think we need.  But real life experience is the best way to find out what elements, functions and capabilities are missing from Corvid as you start to find out how your clients use Corvid and what their website goals are.  

I know if I’m offering a service to my clients, I would want that service to be the best that it can possibly be because it will create a ripple effect that can potentially increase my revenue and grow my business.


Good to Know #12

Stay in touch after a project is complete

Existing customers can help increase revenue with repeat sales.  Find a way to stay in touch with your customers so that your business stays at the top of their minds.  Just because they left a positive review does not mean they will automatically come back for more.  Protect the investment you made in earning their business by staying in touch.  You can do this by: 

  • Staying active on Social Media …

  • Replying and engaging with your audience ...

  • Send meaningful emails and newsletters ...

  • Sending them a ‘thank you’ note or a gift ...

Don’t assume clients are aware and remember all the services you provide.  Try making a reference list for cross selling and up selling opportunities.  For example, make a list of clients and a list of Corvid services you offer.   Write down the Corvid services you provided each of those clients to determine what other services you have not provided them yet.   Having this list serves as a great advantage, as well.  We all know that Corvid keeps improving and adding innovative ways to accomplish different things on the Wix platform.  Some of those things can be upgrades to Corvid solutions you have created before.  Think of all the new functions and elements that are being released periodically --- wouldn’t it be great to ‘upgrade’ and ‘up sell’ to an existing customer?  Think about it --- they already know you and trust you.  Chances are you will be able to close the next sale much faster than the first. Do you remember that function your customer wanted but didn’t want to get it done the first time around?  Well I hope you do remember!  Listen to your clients needs and concerns.  Write it down with as much detail as possible.  Notate what they wanted, why they wanted it and what their goal was in getting it developed.  This will come in handy later when you follow up with them a few weeks down the road.  Not will they be impressed that you remembered but you will help reassure them that you care and you are perfect for the job.


Good to Know #13

Get Corvid Certified by Wix

Wix recently started a 3 step certification program. It is not a training where they teach Corvid, rather a program that tests your knowledge of what you learned on your own.



by Code Queen

I hope my business tips help increase revenue for you and help you excel and thrive in the Corvid service industry.  My tips have been carefully crafted from an ethical business culture experience.  I have consciously made the choice to avoid disguising and distorting my level of experience, where I started, who has helped me and how I got to where I am today.  My honesty and transparency may confuse some people, but I have always believed in the power of communities as it has been a crucial ingredient and direct result of my business growth.  You get what you put in.  July 2017 was the first time I had ever attempted to code anything.  Today people call me the Code Queen --- not because of my level of coding but because of my authenticity and integrity that I have worked really hard to attain.  I teach to share my knowledge and experience in hopes that you may see the wonderful possibilities that are waiting for you.

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