How to embed a PDF on a Wix website or Wix Blog post

Updated: Feb 9


Since the Wix Blog is an app rather than a regular Wix page built directly on your Wix site, we are unable to add custom javascript code to each individual Blog post. Some users will opt to use Dynamic pages to customize their blog pages further by using the Wix Blog API and Wix Blog database connections available via the Wix editor.

By doing this you will sacrifice the ability to view your customized pages via the native Wix apps such as:

Basically, if you paid extra to remove branding or paid extra to brand your own website app your audience will not have access to any custom coded pages you created. For this reason, it is best to use the HTML code element from the blog in combination with your favorite PDF flipbook maker so that you are able to embed your PDF directly onto your native Wix blog post.


Good to Know #1

Do not embed a direct PDF file link from Wix

Do not attempt to use a URL for a file located in your Wix media folder or Wix account. It will not work with the HTML Code URL embed. This is a direct link to our PDF sample that is hosted on our Wix media folder: