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Paid Membership Site: What questions to ask the Client

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Sample Questions

The questions you will see below are meant to help jumpstart the conversation with your client.  There may be more questions that you may want to ask depending on the client's answers.


Good to Know #1

What questions to ask the Client

If client answers “YES” to any of the questions in bold, it will require advanced code or advanced logic.  Otherwise the Wix Paid Plans app can be used with little to no code.  Any advanced code would be dependent on which payment provider you use.  The most popular is Stripe.

  1. How many pages will require payment in order to be accessed?

  2. Will you have any public pages? Which ones are they?

  3. Do you need structured payments or is it the same price for all?

  4. How many member levels will you need?

  5. What payment provider will you be using?

  6. Do you already have an account with them or not?

  7. Is this a provider that is compatible to connect via Wix Dashboard?

  8. Do your paid memberships expire? If yes, after how long?

  9. Will prices be visible to all visitors or do you need to conceal them?

  10. Can members have multiple memberships?

  11. Will it be a one time payment or recurring monthly?

  12. Will you need recurring annual payments?

  13. Will you require a trial membership?

  14. Will you require any special pricing / discounts or coupon capability?



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