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Private Data Management Site: What questions to ask the Client

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Sample Questions

The questions you will see below are meant to help jumpstart the conversation with your client.  There may be more questions that you may want to ask depending on the client's answers.


Good to Know #1

What questions to ask the Client

This type of project will inevitably require the basics of code, such as:  creating a database collection, creating dynamic pages, creating a form and dataset permissions.  If client answers “YES” to any of the questions in bold, it  will require advanced code.

  1. Do  you want to edit existing data from database on behalf of user?

  2. Do you want to add new data that is specific for a single user?

  3. Do you want to add new data that is specific for a group of users?

  4. Do you want to add new data that is for staff or private use only?

  5. Do you anticipate collecting data in databases that you want to edit?

  6. What type of data is this? (Documents, Form questions, Images)

  7. What is the list of questions / information you need to add?

  8. Do you want to have this ability in your Wix Dashboard pages?

  9. Do you want to have this ability in your live pages?

  10. Who else will be editing / accessing this data?

  11. Do you require different permissions or settings per editor / person?

  12. Will the new data be allowed to be edited by user / group?

  13. Do you require a search function to find a user / group?

  14. Are there any other conditions you require?

  15. Do you have any examples of management dashboards you like?

  16. Are you flexible about the design, layout or flow of the sections?

  17. Do you need any type of notifications to yourself or user?



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