Wix 404 Not Found Error on Dynamic Pages or Regular Pages

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

About 404 Error Pages

There may be times where you share a dynamic page URL, code navigation to a dynamic page or select a dynamic URL for a button. You know the record exists in the database but imagine you suddenly find a 404 error message when attempting to open that page! Sometimes this may happen to you on a regular Wix page. Here are some tips on what to check for to fix this problem.


Good to Know #1

Dynamic Pages - Check the URL Pattern

If you have created a dynamic page from a database collection, make sure you created a valid URL pattern for your dynamic page.  For example, if your collection is called "category", then Wix automatically pre-fills the URL pattern with the name of your collection and the "Title" field.

If you delete the "Title" field or leave it empty, then this will break your connection. You must have at least 1 text value before your first field variable. (More on URL Logic below.)