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Wix Code Email Notifications Backend Code

Tutorial Video

About the Tutorial

Join Nayeli, Code Queen, with the most requested video since the ability to create your own custom forms using Wix Code: Email Notifications. (Please note that this video was created in 2017 and the website used in the tutorial example video no longer exists. To follow along use the links and codes below.)


Follow Along #1

Links to Know

Link to SendGrid:

Link to Wix Article:

Link to Web Modules:

Link to Back End Article:


Good to Know #1

Create Web module .JSW


import {sendWithService} from 'backend/sendGrid';

export function sendEmail(subject, body) {
 const key = "";
 const sender = "";
 const recipient = "";
 return sendWithService(key, sender, recipient, subject, body);

export function sendEmailWithRecipient(subject, body, recipient) {
 const key = "";
 const sender = "";
 return sendWithService(key, sender, recipient, subject, body);


Good to Know #2

Create Web module .JS


import {fetch} from 'wix-fetch';  

export function sendWithService(key, sender, recipient, subject, body) {
 const url = "";
 const headers = {
 "Authorization": "Bearer " + key,
 "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

 const data = `from=${sender}&to=${recipient}&subject=${subject}&text=${body}`;
 const request = {
 "method": "post", 
 "headers": headers, 
 "body": data
 return fetch(url, request)
   .then(response => response.json());


Good to Know #3

The Page Code

import {sendEmail, sendEmailWithRecipient} from 'backend/email';

$w.onReady(function () {

function sendFormData() {
 const subject = `Type Your Subject Here ${$w("#input1").value}`;
 const body = `Type Here: ${$w("#input1").value}
    \rLabelHere: ${$w("#input11").value}
    \rLabelHere: ${$w("#input11").value}
    \rLabelHere: ${$w("#input11").value}
    \rLabelHere: ${$w("#input11").value}
    \rLabelHere: ${$w("#input11").value}
    \rLabelHere: ${$w("#input11").value}
    \rLabelHere: ${$w("#input11").value}`;
 const recipient = $w("#input11").value;
  sendEmailWithRecipient(subject, body, recipient)
    .then(response => console.log(response)); 
  sendEmail(subject, body)
    .then(response => console.log(response));



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