Creating a Wishlist using Wix Stores with add to cart function

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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About the Tutorial

Wix recently created a Wishlist tutorial using heart icons to display if item is in the User's wishlist and using 'x' icon to remove item from wishlist.  Here is a link to their tutorial: In our version of the Wishlist tutorial, we will use less steps to create the Wishlist and will use buttons to add or delete items from a Wishlist.  As a bonus, we will also create an 'add to cart' button for single items and add the entire Wishlist to the cart in one click. Please be advised that this tutorial does NOT REQUIRE the Members Area pages but it does require for users to log into the site in order to come back and view the products they have saved.

Note: Wix Stores released a native Wishlist function that requires zero code but installing the Members Area is mandatory. Link to Wix Support article regarding their new feature:


Follow Along #1

Tutorial Site


Logic & Requirements #1

About the Products

Our tutorial uses products with zero variations or extra choices.  This allows us to use the native Wix widget that is located on the Product Details Page.  Since there is no code available to detect which selections a User makes on this widget, we are unable to use it for Products that have variations.  In order to create a Wishlist function for Wix Stores that have at least 1 product with variations, then you must create the Product Details page from scratch by hiding the native Wix widget and adding your own elements on the page.  Or you can create each variation into it's own separate product.


Logic & Requirements #2

About the User

In order for a User to create and save a Wishlist to come back to it at a later time, the User has to be logged in as a Member of your website. You will have to make a choice and decide at what point you want the User to login.  Our Wishlist tutorial has 2 methods for this. 

Method #1 uses zero code by simply changing the Product Page Setting Permissions to be for Members Only.  This means the User must be logged in before they can view the Product Details Page.  So if the User is not logged in, the website will prompt the login window to appear. (If you created a custom login, then your custom login will be prompted.)

Method #2 uses some code on the Product Page Details to check if person is logged in before the user can see the "Add to Wishlist" button, meaning they can view the Product Page Details without being forced to be logged in first.


Method One & Two - Step #1

Create a Custom Database Collection

The Database

We will need to create one database collection to store a Members wishlist items.  Using the arrow in the bottom left hand corner, open up the Site Structure panel to add a new Database.  You can also add a new database using the Site Menu Database Icon.

The Settings

Make sure to click on the database settings to configure the permissions in accordance to what your website needs are.  In our tutorial site, our permission settings look like this:

The Fields

In our example, we only required 1 field so we created the following for our database:

  • 1 Reference Field to store the ID of the product from Wix Stores  /  #productId

  • The Reference Field is connected to the Stores/Products collection


Method One - Step #2

Method 1 for Members Only Permissions

(Keep scrolling to the next section if you want Public Permissions)

The Page

The page that we will be using to add the elements will be the Product Page from the Wix Stores app.  Using the Site Menu icon, find the Store Pages and select Product Page.  Once you open the page, you are ready to start adding the elements.

How many buttons will you add?

Depending on what design you want on your Product Page, you can either have:

  • One Button that does both the adding and deleting.  The code will check to see if the item exists in the User's Wishlist and either add or delete the item accordingly.  The button label will also change accordingly, for example:  "Add to Wishlist" vs "Delete from Wishlist"

  • Two Buttons where one button takes care of the "Add to Wishlist" function and the second button takes care of the "Delete from Wishlist".  The code will check to see if the item exists in the User's Wishlist and will either disable or enable the buttons accordingly but both buttons will remain visible at all times.

In our example, we used the following elements with the following ID names:

  • 1 Button Element to click to add only  /  #addButton

  • 1 Button Element to click to delete only  /  #deleteButton

  • 1 Button Element to add or delete accordingly  /  #oneButton

We positioned the elements above and over the native Wix product widget on the page.  Please note that sometimes by placing elements over the native widget will cause the elements to randomly 'float' away.  Choose which button combination you would like on your page.  Only add the button 'combination' that you prefer to use:  either add the 2 buttons or the one button.  Our tutorial has both so you can test and see what they would look like.  The code will tell you which lines to remove depending which buttons you choose to keep or delete.

The Permissions

From the Site Menu Icon, click on Store Pages and find Product Page and click on the settings icon.  Select the Permissions tab and click on Members Only.  Depending on your site logic and structure, select if All Members can access the Product Page or if a specific group of paying members only.